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XinoRF - Microcontroller with radio transceiver (Arduino compatible)

CIS B008
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We don't sell this product anymore, but we've left this page here for reference.

This is an easy to use digital electronics development board. It's a hybrid of the phenomenally popular Arduino UNO R3 and the Ciseco SRF-U wireless module.

The combination provides some truely unique features:

  • Built in wireless (means you don't need an XBee shield or similar)
  • Full size 28 pin DIP micro (easily removable)
  • Over the air programming (means you can upload sketches from your PC without any wires)
  • Low profile (as the radio is built in the height is identical to a normal Arduino)
  • Code is easily transferred between RFu, XBee shield with XRF (eliminates effort)
  • Mini USB connector (doesn't get in the way of shields like the larger USB connector does on other Arduino's)
  • Huge user base of example code and hardware (the largest community of any similar platform)
  • Use any existing Arduino code (with no or very little modification, pin 8 is radio enable thats it)
  • Gold plated finish (Protection against oxidization means your device will outlast normal HASL boards)
  • XBee style wireless comms (Most series 1 type XBee serial sketches will easily work)
  • FREE to download complier software
  • Instant wireless I/O (simply download Pinata sketch and wiggle, read ADC's, set pins/PWM by simple text commands, upto 676 devices on a network)
  • Side access reset switch (easy to get at when shields are on top)
  • Easy to extend range (just add 8.2cm wire to antenna port, pictures are here)

The board is in stylish blue colour just like the original Arduino.

We think it's the easiest wireless to use anywhere, here's a quick example that will send a simple text string to another XRF family radio.

pinMode(8, OUTPUT);
digitalWrite(8, HIGH);
Serial.print("HELLO WORLD");
All xinoRF's ship pre loaded with WIKSkecth
  • UNO R3 layout with the newer extra I/O pin layout
  • ATmega328 P-PU micro-controller (32kb flash, 2kb RAM, 1kb EEPROM)
  • 115200 Baudrate as default for the SRF-U
  • Full speed 16Mhz
  • Micro-controller runs at 5v
  • Lots of I/O - 14 DIO (6 PWM, 6 analog, 40ma output)
  • USB to radio "auto switching" when USB plugged in
  • Utilises an SRF-U instead of an FTDI or 8U USB to serial chip
  • SRF programming header for in place firmware upgrades
  • Plated through hole for adding a wire whip to extend range
  • D8 enables the radio, the same as in our XBee shield and RFu products
  • DC recommended input of between 6.5v to 9v (15v absolute maximum, see docs)
  • USB powered with auto power switching to DC jack
  • USB power is protected by Poly Fuse
  • RX/TX LED's
  • Dimensions: 68.58 mm x 53.4 mm x 14.9 mm (DC jack highest point)
  • Made in the UK
The XinoRF is pre configured for OTAMP with the following settings:
  • ATMY --
  • ATRC 3
  • ATBD 1C200
Useful Downloads & Documentation
Check out Claire's automated light switch for a great XinoRF project

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