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VEML6075 UVA/B Sensor Breakout

Detect UVA, UVB, and UV index with this sensor. Use it to measure levels of harmful UVA and UVB radiation and to calculate an easily-understandable UV index. Slap on that sunscreen!

This UV sensor can calculate UV indices (A, B, average) on the fly, so that you can easily gauge how strong the sun's rays are at any given time. It works great when combined with our 5x5 RGB matrix breakout and a Breakout Garden HAT or pHAT to create a traffic light warning system.

The VEML6075 UVA/B sensor breakout has an I2C interface and is 3.3V or 5V compatible. Like our other Pimoroni breakouts, we've designed it so that you can solder a piece of right-angle header onto it and then pop it straight onto the bottom left 5 pins on your Raspberry Pi's GPIO header (pins 1, 3, 5, 6, 9).

It's also compatible with our fancy Breakout Garden, where using breakouts is as easy as just popping it into one of the six slots and starting to grow your project, create, and code.


  • VEML6075 UVA/B sensor (datasheet)
  • Detects raw UVA/UVB and UVA/UVB and average indices
  • 3.3V or 5V compatible
  • I2C interface (address 0x10)
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Raspberry Pi-compatible pinout (pins 1, 3, 5, 7, 9)
  • Compatible with Raspberry Pi 3B+, 3, 2, B+, A+, Zero, and Zero W
  • Compatible with Arduino
  • Python library

Kit includes

  • VEML6075 UVA/B Sensor Breakout
  • 1x5 male header
  • 1x5 female right angle header


We've put together a Python library that you can use to read data from your VEML6075 UVA/B Sensor Breakout, and an easy one-line installer to install everything.

Our software does not support Raspbian Wheezy.


  • Normal glass and plastic will filter (and hence block) most UV light so if you want to use this sensor outdoors you'll either need to i) use it uncovered and in dry conditions, or ii) use a piece of UV bandpass filter glass to cover it
  • Dimensions: 19x19x3mm