Tower Light with Buzzer (12V)

These tower lights are designed for industrial use, as status lights on factory machinery, but they're just plain FUN to set up at your desk to notify you of impending meltdowns, toilet occupation status, or that your coffee is ready. They also have a suitably alarming buzzer for the full PANIC STATIONS! effect.

They are mounting holes to securely attach them, and the arm with the lights on can be rotated/bent to your preferred angle. You'll need a 12V power supply to drive them, connecting the brown wire (the common 12V line) to the positive of your power supply and then pulling the appropriate wire for each light (or the buzzer) to ground.

This tower light uses brown as the common 12V line, and orange for the buzzer, with the remaining wires controlling the LED light (when grounded).

Be aware that you should not use these directly with your Pi or Arduino, due to the higher voltage used to power them. However, they do go very well with either our Automation HAT or pHAT, which is up to 24V-tolerant, and you can use the relays and/or sinking outputs to switch the lights/buzzer on and off.

Technical details

  • Range of motion: 180°
  • Height: 245mm
  • Diameter of light: 50mm
  • Weight: 160g