Terminal Block Breakout for micro:bit

The Terminal Breakout board for micro:bit breaks out all the signal & power pins on the microbit to terminal blocks for a more permanent solderless solution

No more untangling M/M or M/F jumper cables from the hastily tidied collection stashed in the corner of your drawer. Just cut a length of wire from one of your more tidy spools, strip off a bit of shielding and screw it into place in the appropriate terminal block. And, if you need to move your project for any reason, having the wires screwed in place means that you can do it without having to deal with the jumper connections that didn't survive the move. Build your circuit only once!

It features a terminal block breakout point for each micro:bit IO pin, a switch-controlled input power terminal block, two output power terminal blocks (fed through power from the switched input) and Link compatible connections for other micro:bit accessory boards.

Power is provided via the input terminal block. The board has no voltage regulator, or overvoltage protection, so the supply voltage MUST NOT exceed the rated supply of 3.3V for the micro:bit.


If the micro:bit is powered via its USB connector, there will be no power at the 3.3V terminal block output connections this is to provide some overcurrent protection for the micro:bit.

To use the Terminal Breakout board, the micro:bit needs to be firmly inserted into the edge connector in the centre of the board. The micro:bit can face in either direction and all the terminal blocks will be fully functional.


  • Breaks out all of the signal and power pins on the microbit to user friendly terminal blocks.
  • Build permanent circuits that you move without worrying about jumper wires becoming detatched..
  • Features a switch controlled power block and two output power terminal blocks.
  • There is also built in overcurrent protection what using the USB connection to transfer data to the microbit.
  • The microbit connects to the board via an edge connector that the microbit slots directly into, either way around.
  • The board complies to the Link Standard that all Kitronik branded microbit accessories conform to.


  • 1 x Terminal Breakout Board for the micro:bit.


  • Length: 80mm.
  • Width: 50mm.
  • PCB Thickness: 1.6mm.