SmartiPi Touch Pro

by Smarticase

The SmartiPi Touch Pro is a case for the Official Raspberry Pi display and Raspberry Pi 2,3, and 4. There is also a mounting point below the display for the Official Raspberry Pi camera.

The camera hole can be completely hidden with the included adhesive panel or small plastic cover.

This case creates an all in one Raspberry Pi computer with a single USB-C port or Micro USB port in the back to power the components in case. The Raspberry Pi is mounted behind the display and the ports are flush with the edge of the display. An included port blocking part for Pi 3 or 4 allows you to only allow access to the part that you want exposed. There is also a second set of threaded inserts to mount your own development board or other piece of hardware.

Perfect for an industrial or commercial application where you want to add your own development board to the case. The case is made out of injection molded ABS plastic, so it can be drill or machined for additional customization. CAD models of the case will be also available to help you in your customization. The Raspberry Pi display, Raspberry Pi, and Raspberry Pi camera are not included.


  • Included cooling fan with rubber vibration mounts
  • Works with all variants of Raspberry Pi 2, 3, or 4
  • Micro USB splitter for use with Pi 2 and 3 ( Micro USB input)
  • USB-C Splitter for use with Pi 4 ( USB-C input)
  • Metal base plate included
  • Back access panel for wire routing
  • Optional Raspberry Pi camera mount included
  • Camera hole can be completely hidden with included front panel
  • Included port blocking part for Pi 2,3, or 4 ( cut out plastic knockouts with knife)
  • Two small foot mounts ( included) can be used instead of the large stand
  • Display can pivot down to 37 degrees off of the surface
  • Works with the Official Raspberry Pi Display
  • Second set of threaded m2.5 mounting points can be used to mount your own development board (HAT compatible mounting points)
  • Wall eyelets for wall mounting
  • 75 mm VESA mount pattern on back
  • Works with HAT boards
  • Two sizes available