Relegendable MX-compatible keycaps (pack of 16)

Add custom labels to your Keybow 2040 or other macro pad with these clever, two part keycaps and legend up your favourite shortcuts, emojis or media controls.

These keycaps are made out of a top and a bottom part that clip together, with a space to sandwich your own printed or drawn label safely in the middle, keeping it protected from wear. They're made from transparent but slightly textured plastic which repels fingerprints and lets plenty of light from the LEDs shine through. It's really easy to swap out the label if you need to change up your layout.

We found printing labels on a laser printer on standard paper worked well (and provided a nice bit of diffusion), but you could also use printable OHP film if you wanted a less diffused effect.


  • Low profile, with a curved front edge
  • Cherry MX-compatible stem
  • X-Keys compatible
  • 16 per bag
  • Dimensions: approx 17.8mm x 17.8mm x 7.6mm (L x W x H)