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Record and Remix Kit

For kids who wanna lay it down, chop it up and hit re-re-re reeemix! Read more...

  • Description

For kids who wanna lay it down, chop it up and hit re-re-re reeemix!

Kids build their very own remix module out of the box, so they can start recording and distorting sounds right away. Discovering how music is made by creating & layering their own sounds.  

AGES: 8+

How it works

  • Build - Build the kit and start creating,recording & distorting sounds from the world around you.
  • Play and Learn - Learn how sounds are distorted using the step-by-step tutorials.
  • Record - Use the Recording Studio to layer and edit your tracks and then share them with your friends.

More than just music!

By playing with the Record + Remix kit, kids learn about sound technology, sound waves, and music production. It also gives kids the chance to capture different types of sound and sharpen their listening skills. Try recording a thunderstorm. Or creating movie sound effects. All that matters is that they make some noise!

Open-ended play

The kit comes with access to the digital learning platform – Club Make – where they can find step-by-step tutorials and projects to grow their skills. By using the new Recording Studio, they can also record, layer or remix their newest summer hits and share them with their #1 fans!

What’s in the box?

  • 1x Remix Module
  • 8x Connectors
  • 1x Speaker 
  • 1x Cardboard casing