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RasPiO® Duino

The low cost easy way into Arduino programming on the Raspberry Pi

The RasPiO® Duino is a small plug-on board for Raspberry Pi. It has similar functionality to an Arduino Uno, but is fully programmable from the Raspberry Pi. Once programmed, it can be removed from the Pi and used on its own.

  • can be used interactively with the Pi
  • Raspberry Pi GPIO pins are broken out onto the board
  • 72 point protoyping area with GND, 3V3 and 5V rails
  • all ports clearly labelled
  • each of the useful pins on the ATMega are broken out to a cluster of three holes.
  • Male and female headers are provided, so you can connect whatever you like to your RasPiO® Duino.

Please note: The RasPiO® Duino is supplied as a kit, some soldering is required

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