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Teensy Prop Shield With Motion Sensors

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Designed to pair the awesome Teensy 3.2 or Teensy LC the Prop Shield is meant for making interactive light and sound effects on small handheld props and wearable costumes.

  • Motion Sensors - Allows motion interactive light & sound.
  • Audio Amplifier - Clear quality audio output to a small speaker.
  • Fast LED Driver - Drive APA102 / Dotstar LEDs for colorful lighting with rapid response.
  • Flash Memory - 8 Mbyte storage for images, sound clips, and data logging.

It's approximately the size of a Teensy, just slightly longer to allow space for mounting holes and connections for power, speaker, and LEDs.


  • 10DOF motion sensors
  • 2 watt audio amp
  • high speed 5V buffers for driving APA102 LEDs
  • 8 Mbyte flash memory for images, sound clips, or data logging

Setup details and much more information can be found directly at the official site but datasheets can be found below

  • FXOS8700CQ - 6-Axis Sensor, Linear Accelerometer & Magnetometer
  • FXAS21002C - 3-Axis Digital Angular Rate Gyroscope
  • MPL3115A2 - Precision Pressure/Altitude & Temperature
  • LM48310 - 2.6W Mono Class D Audio Power Amplifier
  • W25Q64FV - 64 Mbit (8 Mbyte) Serial Flash Memory
  • SN74AHCT1G08 - Single 2-Input AND Gate

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