by Pimoroni

If music be the food of love, play on. But make sure you use this super little DAC to get the best out of your Raspberry Pi audio!

This pHAT provides a super affordable high-quality DAC for yourĀ Raspberry Pi. It pumpsĀ out 24-bits at 192KHz from the Raspberry Pi's I2S interface on itsĀ 2x20 pin GPIO header.

Use pHAT DAC to build a tiny, lush-sounding streaming music device, or use it with Scroll pHAT to make a beautiful spectrum analyser!


  • 24-bit audio at 192KHz
  • Line out stereo jack
  • Optional landing for dual RCA phono connector
  • PCM5102A DAC over theĀ Raspberry Pi's I2S interface
  • pHAT DAC pinout
  • Compatible with all 40-pin header Raspberry Pi models
  • Female header requires solderingĀ 


pHAT DAC doesn't require a Python library like most of our other HATs and pHATs, but does require configuration to work properly. We've put together a slick one-line installer to get everything set up just right. See the tutorial hereĀ for more details.


TheĀ kit has a 3.5mm stereo jack pre-assembled but doesn't include a dual RCA phono connector. If you need one thenĀ grab itĀ here.
N.B. Pi, micro SD card and Pibow case not included.