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Panel Mount Extension Cables (50cm)

Need to expose HDMI, Ethernet, or USB to the outside of your project/enclosure? These lovely little 50cm panel mount extension cables are just the job!

Each cable comes with one end in panel mount format so that you can securely fix it to a flat surface and expose a port externally. Great for tidy project builds or quickly hot swapping between devices.

Available in the following options:

  • HDMI female (panel) to HDMI male (internal)
  • Ethernet female (panel) to Ethernet male
  • USB A female (panel) to USB microB male
  • USB B female (panel) to USB microB male
  • USB A female (panel) to USB A male
  • USB microB female (panel) to USB microB male

Each cable is 50cm long and comes with panel mounting points on the socket connections that take M3 machine screws (4-40 style for the HDMI connector). You can use the supplied screws which are suitable for up to 3mm thick material or choose your own machine screw that matches the aesthetic, length, and head type you prefer!