Pana Hand V2

by Hobby Creek

The Third Hand Pana Workstation comes fully assembled so you can focus your efforts on the project and not your tools!

Traditional helping hands are flimsy, hard to adjust, and lightweight. That’s why we like the Hobby Creek Pana Hand. The Pana Hand is made from premium materials, is easy to use, customizable, and built to last.

What’s in the box

  • (4) flexible arms each with a large swiveling alligator clip
  • (10) clear silicon clip tips for the ultimate heat resistance
  • (1) precision cut and beautifully gold anodized base with anti-slip grip
  • (1) lubricant for arm tunability
  • (6) screws for PanaVise integration (2) extra large clips 


  • PanaVise Integration - Attaches with 3 screws - Ultimate Workstation
  • SNAPLINE Adjustable Arms - Four 15" Arms - 3D positioning - 20 independent joints
  • Tunable Arm Technology - Stiff (1lb per arm 10lb total) or Super Precise (Lubrication included)
  • Interchangeable Alligator Clips - 360 Degree Rotation - Clear Silicone Covers - 4 large clips and 2 extra large clips
  • Heavy Duty Powder Coated Base Plate - Cast Aluminum - Anti Slip Rubber Bottom

PanaVise Integration

The heavy duty powder coated base plate has integrated mounting holes to be seamlessly attached between any PanaVise work holding vise and a tray base mount with just three screws to offer the ultimate work station. The Pana Hand is designed to work with PanaVise electronic work holding products. The design of the Pana Hand base allows it to attach seamlessly with only three screws to any PanaVise electronic work holding product. A Pana Hand and PanaVise are the perfect way to spruce up any workbench.

Compatible models include: 201(Jr.), 300, 301, 305, 324, 350, 391, 396. This product also integrates perfectly with the PanVise Tray base mount, model 312. Note: Photos are for illustration purposes only. This kit does not include the PanaVise Multi-Purpose Workstation 350, PanaVise Jr. 250, PanaVise Tray Base Mount 312 or any other accessories shown.

Tuneable Technology

The new arms come unlubricated and are stiff enough that each arm can hold 1 pound. Hobby Creek have provided lubrication to allow super precise tunability to your tool, depending on what you need for your project.

Durable Snap-Line Arms

The kit comes with four 15” SNAPLINE adjustable arms featuring 3D positioning and 20 independent joints. The individual arm segments allow the Pana Hand to be easily adjusted and then stay in place when you need it to, simply place the arms where you want them. Additional arms can be purchased and easily added to hold up to 12 arms total!

Non-Slip Grip Base

Precision cut and beautifully gold anodized base with a full coverage, anti-slip bottom that keeps the Pana Hand from slipping around on your workbench.

Interchangeable Clips

The unique design allows the alligator clips to rotate a full 360 degrees to hold your project exactly how you need it. The design allows the clips to be easily rotated but strong enough to hold large projects in place. Each arm includes a quick release swivel alligator clip, making it super easy to change a clip to smaller or larger offerings. Hobby Creek have also provided crystal clear silicone covers to be added to your clips if you desire.

**(PanaVise Products shown in pictures are not included)