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Mono Potentiometer - 1K Linear

Dustproof enclosed potentiometer with PCB connector and self-extinguishing plastic housing.

Technical data

  • Approvals: UL 94-V-0
Category Single turn rotary pot
Resistance 1 kΩ
Resistance characteristic linear
Output Mono
Power rating 0.2 W
Cut-off voltage 250 V
Connection Solder tag
Mechanical angle 300 °
Electrical angle 280 °
Type D cell
Shaft length 31.5 mm
Axle type Plastic, Serrated
Axle Ø 6 mm
Thread size M10
Thread length 9 mm
Min. temperature -25 °C
Max. temperature +70 °C
Tolerance ± 20 %
Content 1 pc(s)
Type PC16SH-10IP06102A2020MTA