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I2C Graphical LCD (128x64)

SEEED 114990279
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We don't sell this product anymore, but we've left this page here for reference.

A snazzy back-lit 128x64 LCD display with convenient mounting holes. Integrate it into your project for retro visuals!

The display is driven by an on-board MCU that handles functions like drawing text, shapes, and bitmaps. The connector is a 2mm pitch 4-way JST so you'll need a suitable cable to connect the module up to a breadboard or micro-controller.


  • I2C interface up to 400 Kbits/s
  • 128x64 1-bit pixels
  • Requires 5V supply voltage
  • Compatible with 3V3 & 5V logic levels
  • Adjustable backlight brightness (128 levels)
  • Adjustable contrast (64 levels)
  • I2C address can be changed allowing up to 127 displays on the same bus

For more information visit the Seeed Wiki page for this product.

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