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Heelight Relay /LNG003

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Heelight Relay is a multitalented, stand-alone relay module with microcontroller based on STM32 that you can control through sound!

With a set sound command, the relay on the module can be opened or closed. Longan Labs offer an App to make the sound commands. 

Heelight Relay can set different voice commands, you don't need to program the board, just pressing the button is enough.

The sound command is valid in the range of 10 meters, which allow you to open the relay when you are out of the door.

What are you waiting for, join us to change the world with sound!


  • 220V/5A
  • 10 meters control distance
  • No need to program
  • App to control
  • 2 User Button
  • 5V Barrel Jack input
  • 5mm Terminal Relay output



Please feel free to contact joney.sui@longan-labs.cc if you need tech support.