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Getting Started with the micro:bit /BOOK 9781680453027

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Discover what students and Makers all across the UK already know - that the micro:bit is an ideal project platform!

This book introduces you to the micro:bit, the deceptively powerful pocket-sized computer, and guides you through setup and mastery so that you can code it to bring your own digital games, apps, and ideas to life

Designed by the BBC to introduce computer literacy to teenagers across the UK, the micro:bit is a great way to learn about sensors, Bluetooth communications and embedded operating systems. Along the way you'll develop an understanding of the next big idea in computers: the Internet of Thing (IoT).

This book explains the hardware that's included on the board, and then dives into programming it - with the included web-bades tools and then with more powerful IDEs.

Inside you'll learn

  • How to program the micro:bit using different languages, including Python, JavaScript, and C++
  • How to connect your micro:bit to another intelligent device like a smartphone - or even another micro:bit
  • How advanced hardware makes the micro:bit work
  • How to write text using LEDs and read from the onboard accelerometer
  • How to connect the micro:bit to a motor controller and make a simply mini-bot

Learn to code and build and dream big with the micro:bit, the versatile little computer with a lot of might!