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DFRobot Gesture Sensor

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Wave your hands and magic turns into reality! This sensor, designed by DFRobot, offers touchless gesture sensing, which means you can issue orders simply with a swipe of your hand.

It  also supports RGB colour detecting and ambient light measuring. With this new sensor, a traditional switch can be replaced.

This sensor has high quality and accuracy: Its sensor module uses the APDS-9960 chip (a single 8 pin package digital RGB, ambient light, short and gesture sensor device); infrared LED helps measuring the short-range and gestures.

Moreover, the sensor is able to work under low- light conditions thanks to its RGB and environmental light perception measurement. In addition, integrated UV-IR shading filter can detect ambient light and color temperature.


  • Operating Voltage: 3.3-5V
  • Interface:
    • I2C interface x1
    • Interrupt pin x1
  • Detecting range: 100mm(3.94")
  • Module size: 18.3x16.4mm(0.72x0.65")


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  • RGB and Gesture Sensor x1
  • PH2.54 5-pin header x1

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