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DVB-T dongle ideal for ADS-B (real-time plane tracking)!

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Take to the sky with your Raspberry Pi!

This is an SDR-capable USB DVB-T RTL2832U+R820T2 digital TV tuner receiver and antenna that's ideal for receiving 1090MHz ADS-B transmissions from planes for your own real-time flight tracking!

It's also perfect for receiving free-to-air digital TV channels, digital DAB radio, or FM radio!

Note that we also sell a DVB-T dongle without flight tracking if you just want the TV and radio features.

This new dongle comes with an extendable antenna (120-350mm) with a 1 metre cable and MCX connector that plugs into the side of the USB dongle. The antenna works best when its length is a multiple of a quarter of the ADS-B transmission wavelength, which is 69mm. Experiment with different antenna lengths to find the optimum.

You can even contribute the data you receive to Flight Radar 24 and other services to improve their overall world-wide coverage.

David Taylor, of SatSignal.eu, put together a great write-up on how to set up your Raspberry Pi for real-time flight-tracking.

For a more recent write-up, using Docker, check out Alex Ellis' fantastic blog post on real-time flight-tracking on the Raspberry Pi

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