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Coretec 'Tiny 4WD' Robot Rover

by Coretec

This well-crafted kit from Coretec Robotics has all the bits for the heart of your own capable little four-wheel drive rover.


  • Explorer pHAT with motor drivers and IO
  • Acrylic Chassis with camera mount
  • All the needed nuts and bolts
  • 4x Micro Metal Gear Motor with easy-connect shims
  • 4x Motor Mounts
  • 4x Grippy Moon Buggy Wheels
  • Mini Breadboard
  • Jumper Jerky to hook it all up

Not included, but recommended:

  • Raspberry Pi (Pi Zero W recommended)
  • SD Card (try a NOOBS one)
  • Power source. A USB power bank is a good way to start. Zero Lipo and a LiPo battery for more advanced projects.

See issue #51 and #52 of the MagPi for construction and expansion tips.

Emma Norling has also written a really great blog post with detailed instructions on how to build the Tiny 4WD robot using Explorer pHAT and a Pi Zero.

Brian Corteil, the designer, has provided some example code to get you up and running and some more tips on his product page.

The Explorer pHAT requires some soldering to attached the Raspberry Pi header and breakout pins.