M5Stack COM.PROTO-MEAS 13.2 Multimeter Module

by M5Stack

PROTO-MESU 13.2 is a stackable DIY proto module for measuring current and voltage, with multimeter probes and a matching base, perfect for making your own DIY multimeter.

The height of the module is 13.2mm, and a DC power jack is included on the board for external power.


  • Stackable design
  • Main hole size: 0.039 "1mm (CNC drilling)
  • Hole spacing: 2.54 mm
  • Dedicated DC power port and probe socket


  • 1x PROTO 13.2 module
  • 2x Wire
  • 1x M-bus
  • 1x Black probe and socket
  • 1x Red probe and socket
  • 1x DC 5V Power supply socket
  • 4x M2*5mm Self tapping screw
  • 1x M2 Hex Key