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Adafruit Bluefruit EZ-Key - 12 Input Bluetooth HID Keyboard Controller

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Create your own wireless Bluetooth keyboard controller in an hour with the Bluefruit EZ-Key: it's the fastest, easiest and bestest Bluetooth controller.

This breakout acts just like a BT keyboard, and works great with any BT-capable device: Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android. 

  • Power the module with 3-16VDC, and pair it to the computer, tablet or phone
  • Connect buttons to the 12 input pins and when a button is pressed the keypress is sent to the computer
  • By default the module sends the 4 arrow keys, return, space, 'w', 'a', 's', 'd', '1' and '2' but you can reprogram it either 'over the air' or using an FTDI or other serial console cable to send any HID key report you need
  • Multimedia keys such as "volume up" and "play/pause" are also supported and you even map keys to mouse button clicks and mouse movement (up/down/left/right) as well as send mouse commands over the UART.
  • Pair multiple Bluefruits to a single device, each one has a unique identifier
  • FCC & CE certified

Warning! Your computer/tablet/phone must have Bluetooth v2.1 or higher

If you want to have better control over the data sent, connect a microcontroller to the RX pin at 3-5V logic level, 9600 baud, and send ASCII data: it will be 'typed out' character by character. We also have support for various non-printable characters such as ESC, Shift, F1-F12, etc. as well as toggling the virtual keyboard on iOS.

For more information check out Adafruits comprehensive tutorial

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