Breadboard Power Supply (3.3V & 5V)

This is a super-small and super handy 3.3V & 5V breadboard power supply designed by SeeedStudio. An essential for the electronics hobbyists toolbox!

Supply power either via the microB USB port (bypassing the on-board 5V regulator) or via a DC jack (centre positive, 5.5mm). Once plugged into your breadboard it will provide you with 3.3V and 5V power rails. Handy!


  • Supply power via either microB USB or DC jack
  • DC jack input voltage: 7V - 15V
  • Fits onto most standard breadboards
  • Output voltage tolerance (min - max):
    • 3.3V: 3.267V - 3.33V
    • 5V: 4.9V - 5.1V (bypassed when using microB power supply)
  • Maximum output current: 400mA

Please note: while breadboards are fairly uniform there can be some slight variation in size so you may find that the fit for this board can be quite tight.