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#yarrbooty 2015

For the past couple of years we've done something a bit different for the 'Black Friday/Cyber Monday' Weekend, encouraging people to let their geek out and have some fun.

This year the format will be a little different, with 2 main challenges on the Saturday and Sunday, and some freebie giveaways on our live internet telly show "The Bilge Tank", airing on our YouTube channel at 3pm GMT each day.

Monday 30th November

Such art, very pixel

We want you to produce a glorious piece of pixel art. All entries must be 32 x 32 pixels (minecraft blocks are also acceptable!). Entries must be posted before 1pm tomorrow! Bonus points for piratical themes.

We'll be showing off the best results in our #BilgeTank show tomorrow afternoon at 3pm (GMT). Tune in for the chance to win a Pi Zero goodies bundle!

Want to know more about Pixel Art or get some guidance? Check out the Pixel Joint forums which has guides on palette design, shading, etc - it's full of great information! http://pixeljoint.com/forum/

Get pixelling!

- Love, the Pirates.

How to enter

Simply tweet a picture of your creation on Twitter with the hashtags #BilgeTank #YarrBooty (case insensitive) before 1pm GMT on Monday 30th November.

We'll pick the best ones and give them a critique on the live Bilge Tank.


1st: A Picade (with 8" screen) and a deluxe Pi Zero kit with 3 pHATs and all the accessories we can find that make this a deluxe experience.

2nd and 3rd: A Picade Console and a Pi Zero with add-ons.



Previous Challenges

"sudo make me a sandwich"

We want you to design and create a wonderful sandwich. Any piratical (or robot, ninja, monkey) connection is a bonus. Go nuts, be creative! But you have to taste it too. :-)

We'll be showing off the best results in our #BilgeTank show this afternoon at 3pm (GMT). Tune in for the chance to win a Pi Zero goodies bundle!

Prepare your loaves, sharpen your blades, and always hold the blunt end!

BLACK FLAG Challenge

You have until 3pm to tweet us a picture of your best rendition of a PIRATE FLAG!

It can be physical or digital (physical is better, we like arts and crafts) and should fly the hacker/maker/pirate flag high, with as many blinkenlights, sensors, wavy bits and techno-addons as you can manage. And a great design will help too.

And remember to tune in to the show for a chance to win a Pi Zero by answering trivial questions, live in YouTube chat!

Go forth and make cool things for sweet Pirate Booty folks!