We will be giving away over £2,000 worth of our Pimoroni Shop Gift Cards between Black Friday and Cyber Monday! (29th November 2019 - 2nd December 2019)

    So, over the next four days we will post a set of challenges to Twitter between noon and 6pm (GMT).

    They will be a mixture of creative, coding, nerd culture, and maker knowledge tasks.

    1. We'll tweet each challenge when it starts.
    2. Challenges will last for 45 mins unless otherwise stated.
    3. The winner will be the best submission or quickest submission depending on the type of challenge.
    4. Prizes will range from £10 - £100 gift cards, or bundles of tech, depending on the challenge.
    5. All answers must include the hashtag #yarrbooty
    6. All answers must fit in a single tweet.
    7. We'll publish the winner after each challenge from our Twitter account.
    8. Judge's decision is final!
    9. All answers must be submitted via Twitter with hashtag "#yarrbooty".
    10. Follow us on Twitter to make sure you hear about each challenge as it starts...Follow @pimoroni
    GOOD LUCK :smile: xoxo