Yarr Booty! 2018

    It's #YARRBOOTY time again! \o/

    We'll be giving away over £2,000 worth of Pimoroni Shop Gift Cards between Black Friday and Cyber Monday (23rd to 26th November 2018)!

    Over those four days, we'll post a series of challenges to Twitter between midday and 6pm (GMT), on the hour, every hour. They'll be a mixture of creative, coding, nerd culture, and maker knowledge tasks.

    • We'll tweet each challenge when it starts
    • Challenges will last for an hour, unless otherwise stated
    • The winner will be the best submission (as judged by us) or quickest submission depending on the type of challenge
    • Prizes will range from £10 gift cards up to £100 gift cards, depending on the challenge
    • All answers must include the hashtag #yarrbooty
    • All answers must be submitted via Twitter, and fit into a single tweet, unless otherwise stated
    • We'll publish the winner after each challenge from our Twitter account (@pimoroni)
    • The judges' decisions are final!

    Follow us on Twitter (@pimoroni) to make sure you hear about each challenge as it starts...

    GOOD LUCK :D xoxo