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Vertex Delta 3D Printer with Starter Pack

by Velleman

The Vertex Delta is a reliable, precise, and well built 3D printer designed to print refined objects to complete your projects. It even includes a complete starter kit to get you going!

The Vertex Delta comes with a lot of innovative perks to make your 3D printing experience more engaging and pleasant. Advanced safety features, a filament run-out detector, a mid-print filament replacement function and automatic calibration and printbed compensation are just a few of the latest technological additions.

Among our favourite features are...

Direct-drive Extruder
Pre-assembled and excels at reliable feeding of 1.75mm filament. It includes a filament run-out detector, meaning that the Vertex Delta will automatically pause printing and await reloading if required. You can also change filament mid-print for multi-colour/filament prints, allowing more flexibility in your designs.

Pre-assembled and is actively-cooled by three fans. It allows prints to be paused without nozzle-leakage, enabling (with the extruder) filament changes and reloads during printing. It uses industry standard E3D nozzles, so replacements are easy to source and alternative nozzle sizes can be used. It offers advanced safety features including printhead angle detection and overheat protection to ensure your printer never gets into a muddle.

4mm tempered-glass and removeable. Covered by a sheet of BuildTak™, which provides an excellent printing surface and ensures good adhesion of the first layer.

Aluminium Chassis
Lightweight for its size and machined for a precision build. The extruded risers and 4mm thick top and bottom plates ensure that the chassis remains stable during operation.

Hybrid Kit
After a straightforward and quick assembly (all the fiddly parts are done for you), your 3D printer is ready to serve! The set includes everything you need to build the Vertex Delta and to start 3D printing right away.


  • Vertex Delta 3D Printer (some assembly required)
  • 4GB SD card loaded with pre-sliced test objects to print
  • Tweezers to remove filament from the nozzle
  • Putty knife to remove your printed object from the BuildTak surface
  • Screwdriver set for assembly
  • 50g of silver 1.75 mm PLA filament sample
  • Lubricant for the rods


  • Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF - FDM)
  • 0.05mm to 0.2mm layer resolution (quality/speed of print)
  • Build area: 200mm diameter up to 300 mm build height
  • 20-75 mm/s print speed (200 mm/s travel speed)
  • BuildTak™ build plate for excellent adherence and stability during printing
  • Supports 1.75mm diameter filament 
  • Supports PLA, ABS, TPU, PET, and other filaments
  • E3D compatible nozzle (0.35mm diameter)
  • Automatic bed-compensation (no manual calibration needed)
  • Automatic first-time set-up calibration
  • Backlash free magnetic effector-couplers
  • Advanced safety features
  • Filament run-out detector (pauses when printer runs out of filament)
  • Change filament during printing, allowing multiple colour prints
  • Infrared end-stops
  • AVR ATmega2560-based
  • Quick and straightforward build (no soldering required)

    The firmware is based on the open-source Marlin Firmware (http://marlinfw.org/) and is user-upgradeable. Default settings are built into Ultimaker Cura for object slicing (https://ultimaker.com/software/ultimaker-cura).

    • Dimensions: 35 x 35 x 77cm
    • Rigid aluminium extrusion risers
    • 4mm aluminium top and bottom plates for a sturdy frame
    • Precision ground vertical rods and brass bushings
    • Fully open-source (hardware and software)
    • Weight: 10kg

    Go to vertex3dprinter.eu and find out more!