Raspberry Pi 5 Pre-Order FAQ

    When will pre-orders ship?

    We're shipping out orders for Pi 5 and Pi 5 accessories as stock is allocated to them, and we'll be doing our best to send them out in the order in which they're received.

    You'll receive a dispatch email once your order is sent out.

    Batch #1 - All batch 1 orders are now shipped! 

    • 4GB Status: ✅
      Sold out. Orders before midday 10th Oct (UK time) are in this batch.
    • 8GB Status
      Sold out. Orders before 23:59:59 on 28th Sep (UK time) are in this batch.

    Batch #2 - Shipping has started and is ongoing as stock arrives.

    We're working through this batch as stock arrives and is allocated.


    UPDATE: 15 DEC 2023

    Shipping of pre-orders is progressing.

    Stock continues to arrive with us sporadically and without much notice so we can't give you dispatch estimates for individual orders. Support are currently snowed under with Festive Enquiries (TM) and they won't be able to give you any information that's not on this page, so please hold off asking for order updates if you can.

    Good news is on the horizon though - we expect to ship out the majority of pre-orders outstanding over the next few weeks. We’ll be working our pirate butts off to get as many pre-orders as we can packed up and sent out next week, between Xmas and New Year, and in the first week of January!

    Thanks for continuing to bear with us 💜🏴‍☠️

    Can I...

    Order with non pre-order items?

    Yes, but your order will only ship once it's complete and all pre-ordered items are in stock. We can't part ship orders so if you need some in-stock items urgently, we'd suggest placing separate orders for the in-stock and pre-order items.

    Amend my order?

    We can't amend orders in any way once they've been placed, so we're not able to add / remove or swap items, make changes to the shipping address or combine multiple orders. We can cancel orders if they've not shipped yet though...

    Cancel my pre-order?

    Sure thing, drop our friendly support ninjas a message using our contact form if you'd like us to cancel and refund your order.

    Collect my pre-order?

    We can't organise in-person collections for pre-ordered items I'm afraid, we're just too busy :(

    Why limited to 1 per customer?

    We've limited Pi 5 boards to one per customer at launch to try and ensure fair distribution whilst they're under such high demand. We should hopefully be able to raise this limit once availability improves!

    Multiple orders for Pi 5 boards will be cancelled by our post team.