Ordering restrictions for Raspberry Pi

    UPDATE: 12th May 2023

    We've refreshed the list of customer accounts that are eligible to buy bare Raspberry Pi 4 boards to include anyone that has ordered products other than bare Raspberry Pi's or Essentials Kits before 12 May 2023.

    ⚠️ If you attempt to place multiple orders we will remove your eligible status for all future drops while stock is constrained. You. Have. Been. Warned. 

    Big Issues with Little Scalpers

    With Raspberry Pi 4 (and other Raspberry Pi variants) being in limited supply we've seen a steady increase in scalpers attempting to buy any stock of bare Raspberry Pi boards that we list for sale.

    There is such a high volume of scalper activity that it has got to the point that we're having to cancel more orders than we let through - ridiculous!

    We have no interest in supporting scalpers who will just list the units for double the price on eBay and Amazon to make a quick buck.

    It is our mission to serve genuine customers who create amazing things with their Raspberry Pi boards and to ensure that, to the best of our ability, we can supply them with the parts and tools that they need at the right price.

    How we fix this

    We are implementing a set of restrictions on the purchase of bare Raspberry Pi boards to make it a lot harder (impossible?) for scalpers to order from us and to make sure that any Raspberry Pi stock we have ends up in the hands of the people who need them.

    Ordering from us

    The best way we can ensure that the boards we sell end up with genuine customers is to, well, only sell them to customers which we know are genuine. That means, to be able to order a Raspberry Pi board from us you will now need to:

    • be logged in to your Pimoroni store account
    • have ordered products other than bare Raspberry Pi's or Essentials Kits before 12 May 2023

    There are no exceptions to these rules.

    You will also still only be able to order one unit - we want to make sure as many different people as possible can get hold of a Raspberry Pi board so we won't be allowing customers to place multiple orders (we'll just cancel them). We do know there are some genuine use-cases for multiple boards like clusters but currently we just can't serve them - we're sorry, we wish we could.

    When will this end?

    As soon as supply is more regular and we're not immediately selling out of Raspberry Pi boards we will remove these limitations. Basically as long as a viable market for scalpers exists.

    Is it still max 1 per customer?

    Yes, even limiting sales to only existing customers with a good order history we won't have enough Pi to go around just yet.

    If you have been successful in getting a Raspberry Pi (4, Zero 2, CM4, etc.) you'll be put on 'cooldown' and won't be able to order another until our next batch of stock arrives to give others a chance.

    Can I get an account?

    If you've ordered with us before:

    If you don't have an account with us but have ordered from us in the past then simply register for a new account using the same e-mail address that you used to order from us. Your order history will automatically be tied to the new account.

    If you didn't supply a genuine e-mail address with your order or no longer have access to that e-mail address then unfortunately we can't help.

    If you haven't ordered from us before:

    Anyone can sign up for an account! It won't help here unless you have a history of orders placed with us prior to 12 May 2023 though.

    If you've already got an account but forgotten your password:

    Just pop over to our login page and use the reset password feature.

    Why didn't you...?

    We know about CAPTCHA, timed forms, duplicate order checks, bot/fraud detection, and a plethora of other possible solutions each of which could mitigate some of the problem.

    The issue, however, is that scalpers are charging so much extra for Raspberry Pi boards at the moment (like double the price or more) that it is entirely feasible to use human labour to place orders and still turn a good profit.

    That's why we've taken the decision to only provide Raspberry Pi boards to customers who we have an existing relationship with - it's the most reliable signal that we have that a customer is genuine and is buying for their own use.

    What SKUs count as bare Raspberry Pi's or Essentials Kits?

    In case you wanted to double check you can compare the following SKUs to your order history: RPI-001, RPI-004, RPI-007, RPI-014, SC0192, RPI-047, RPI-048, RPI-078, PIM620, PIM643, PIM644, PIM614, PIM645, PIM646, PIM615, PIM647, PIM648, PIM616, PIM649, PIM650, PIM664, PIM665, SC0020, SC0065, SC0510-32GB, SC0510, PIM658, and SC0019