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Circuit Playground Express - Developer Edition  /ADA3333

Circuit Playground Express is the next step towards a perfect introduction to electronics and programming. Adafruit have taken the original Circuit Playground Classic and made it even better!

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Circuit Playground  /ADA3000

Would you like to learn electronics, with an all-in-one board that has sensors and LEDs built in? Circuit Playground is here - and it's the best way to practice programming on real hardware with no soldering or sewing required!

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MyoWare Muscle Sensor  /AT-04-001

Using our muscles to control things is the way that most of us are accustomed to doing it. We push buttons, pull levers, move joysticks… but what if we could take the buttons, levers and joysticks out of the equation? This is the MyoWare Muscle Sensor, an Arduino-powered, all-in-one electromyography (EMG) sensor

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LilyPad MP3  /DEV-11013

The LilyPad MP3 Player is your all-in-one audio solution, containing an Arduino-compatible microcontroller, MP3 (and many other formats) audio decoder chip, micro-SD card socket, and a stereo audio amplifier.

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LilyPad Arduino SimpleSnap  /DEV-10941

The LilyPad SimpleSnap is a new, easy way to create e-textiles projects with LilyPad that are modular and can be disassembled or broken down, it’s also a great way to prototype!

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