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No workshop is complete without an array of tools. We've picked out the best of everything; from heavy duty scissors, test equipment and all the bits you need to start soldering.

Antex XS Replacement Bits  /ANT-BITS

Replacement bit set for Antex XS25 soldering irons. Make light work of any soldering task with these great alternative bits!

£13.50 (£11.25 ex. VAT)
5 in stock

Desoldering Wick  /SD01935

Made a slight error on your project? Need to fix a join that went a bit wrong? This desoldering wick is what you'll need then!

£3.50 (£2.92 ex. VAT)
26 in stock

Heavy Duty Scissors  /PH-51

Top quality heavy duty combination scissors with kevlar cutting capability

£16 (£13.33 ex. VAT)
11 in stock

Panavise Junior  /PanaViseJr

 The amazing mini-vise from PanaVise! Holds your boards gently but securely exactly where you want them, leaving your hands free to work on them.

£27.50 (£22.92 ex. VAT)
47 in stock

Resistor Lead Bending Tool  /TOL-13114

Sometimes referred to as a “forming” tool, this little guy provides you with an easy and reliable way to get the exact distance between two resistor leads that you need to PTH soldering.

£6 (£5 ex. VAT)
14 in stock

Antex XS25 Soldering Iron (UK Plug)  /ANT-XS25

Everyone needs a good workhorse soldering iron and this is the one that Jon has been using since he was twelve!

£30 (£25 ex. VAT)
16 in stock

Saleae Logic 4  /SAL LOGIC 4

Take the pain out of debugging your embedded systems with a Saleae Logic analyser.

£97.50 (£81.25 ex. VAT)
10 in stock

Wire Stripping Gauge  /BBM-WSG

This lovely wire stripping gauge lets you to build a tidy circuit on breadboard or proto-board efficiently and easily!

£8 (£6.67 ex. VAT)
7 in stock