32blit: our retro-inspired handheld with open-source firmware. Go back, way back, to the start, with a single hardware platform and a great set of game creation tools.


No good Maker is complete without a range of nice tools. We've picked out the best we could find - really top quality, well-made tools that'll last you for years and years.

Heavy Duty Tetsuwan Scissors

Top quality heavy duty combination scissors ideal for workshop / DIY / Handyman use or any situation that requires cutting of otherwise challenging materials. Read more...

  • PH-57
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Pana Hand V2

The Third Hand Pana Workstation comes fully assembled so you can focus your efforts on the project and not your tools! Read more...

  • HC-PH
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Mag Helper V2

Have you ever needed a hand in tight spaces? How about two hands? With the new Mag Helper V2, you can have just that!  Read more...

  • HC-MGH
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Mini Hand

Mini Hand is a third hand helping tool designed to be extremely versatile, yet affordable. The first time you hold it, you'll feel the quality of the materials. The base is precisely machined from a billet of aluminum, then anodized for a beautiful finish. Read more...

  • HC-MH
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Third Hand V2

Traditional helping hands are flimsy, hard to adjust, and lightweight. That’s why we like the Hobby Creek Third Hand. This Third Hand is made from premium materials, is easy to use, customizable, and built to last. Read more...

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Maker Paste Low Temp

Maker Paste Low Temp is a high quality, low cost prototyping solder paste. The new low temperature formula makes it easy to work with and can easily reflow on a hot plate. Read more...

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