Technology Will Save Us

Mover Kit  /TWSU 0152

Get kids moving, building and coding with this toy that reacts to movement with light and can be coded in infinite ways! Ages: 8+

£40 was £60! £33.33 ex. VAT
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DIY Speaker Kit  /TWSU 0102

Amplify your world by turning an object you love into a unique and portable speaker. Ages: 10+

£28 £23.33 ex. VAT
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DIY Electro Dough Kit  /TWSU 0163

Explore fun ways to learn and play with electronic dough. Make creations that buzz and light up.

£22.99 £19.16 ex. VAT
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DIY Synth Kit  /TWSU 0135

Combining electronics, making, and creativity to inspire music lovers

£25 £20.83 ex. VAT
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