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Small Machines

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Boat & Dock Playset   SMALL-010

This play set offers a complete environment for creative play based around a a Hoist, Pier and Container Ship with four crates that contain Fireworks, Snakes, Treasure and Monkeys!


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Eureka! build your own kits

Eureka! and Small Machines have worked together to bring you a set of build it yourself toys for the whole family to enjoy.

Living Hinge Mobile Phone Stand   SMALL-001

A "Living Hinge" is an evolution of a traditional hinge that exists solely through the use of laser cutters


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Living Hinge Tablet Stand   SMALL-002

A beautiful desktop stand for your tablet based on the living hinge! 


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Siege Engine Range

Wage war in small scale with these recreations of ancient siege weaponry! 

  • Onager  SMALL-003


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  • Ballista  SMALL-004


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  • Trebuchet  SMALL-005


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