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Components in Prototyping

This is where you'll find all sorts of handy bits and bobs for your projects, or just to stock up your kit box. Wires, LEDs, speakers, power supplies, header pins, sensors, integrated circuits, you name it!

Illuminated Button

A 16mm yellow/orange illuminated momentary button that's ideal as a power button for our Picade X HAT, or just for situations when you need a small illuminated button. Read more...

  • COM0424
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This clicky joystick is great for DIY arcade builds, and it has a handy 5-pin connector that means connecting it is just a case of plugging in a single cable connector. Read more...

  • COM-B015
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18650 Lithium Cell

These high-quality, rechargeable, 18650 lithium cells are used in all sorts of places from portable electronic devices like flashlights to DIY powerwalls! Read more...

  • BAT0010
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Mini Speaker 4Ω (3W)

This little speaker is diminutive, but the sound it pumps out is surprisingly good. It is ideal for building your own small jukebox or radio with one of our audio boards! Read more...

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5mm Rainbow LED (pack of 10)

Make your Hello world! LED project a little more jazzy with these rainbow LEDs. All you have to do is to provide power, and they'll cycle through all the colours of the rainbow! Read more...

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Mini Solenoid

Use these mini solenoids to push or hit whatever you want (within reason). Ideal for ringing bells, hitting drums, pushing buttons, or flicking switches! Read more...

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