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Battery in Prototyping

We've collected everything you'll need for your tinkering needs. Here you'll find sensors, displays, speakers, power supplies, wireless doodads, prototyping sundries and more.

2 x AAA Battery Holder with switch

This little battery holder comes with a power switch and a JST connector. It connects two AAA batteries in series, while its small size makes it ideal for portable projects. Read more...

  • COM1305
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4xAA Press-Stud Battery Holder

Power your projects when you're on the road! Holds 4 x AA batteries providing a ~5-6V supply. When fully loaded you should get between 7,000mAh - 10,000mAh of juice - that's enough to run an Arudiuno Uno for over a week! Read more...

  • COM1304
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