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We make irresistibly attractive electronics more accessible by offering a friendly helping hand.

Our fine crew of Pirates, Monkeys, Robots and Ninjas have been trading tech treasure to tinkerers from sunny Sheffield-on-Sea for five years!

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Rainbow HAT Learning Cards (Python)   PIM302

This beautifully-designed activity set for Rainbow HAT is split into learning cards, project cards, and a booklet for teachers/adults with solutions and more detailed information.

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Flotilla - Medium Starter Kit   PIM023

Everything you'll need to build three different Cookbook recipes, including a super-cool weather station, or endless inventions with Rockpool.

Includes VAT (£32.50 ex. VAT)

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Flotilla - Mini Starter Kit   PIM022

The perfect little introduction to the world of Flotilla! Start your Flotilla journey here and then build your collection of modules later.

Includes VAT (£20 ex. VAT)

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