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Pibow Modification Layers

Need to adapt your Pibow to fit your project? These handy extension layers will sort you out!

While the Pibow remains the best case on the market for the Raspberry Pi, some projects may need you to hack the case a little to suit. With that in mind we present those handy extra layers designed to fit your needs.

PiTFT Plus layers - this replacement layer 7 and top provides support and protection for your  320x240 2.8" PiTFT Plus inside the Pibow while also giving access to the screen and optional tactile switches (only suitable for the PiTFT Plus, will not fit the original PiTFT)

Display-O-Tron 3000 top layer - access to the joystick and screen on the Diplay-o-tron while also enjoying the protection and style of the Pibow, just replace the top three Pibow layers with this top layer. Also comes with a joystick cap for ease of use! Note that this is not compatible with the Display-O-Tron HAT.

Extension layer - just need a little more vertical space? This layer adds height to your Pibow without any internal struts to get in the way.

LEGO® compatible base layer* - (LEGO® itself not included) build your Pibow into pretty much anything with this replacement base layer.

Diffusion Layers - available in frosted clear and ninja black these are great with the Unicorn HAT or PiGlow.

Coupé Heatsink top - Provides a cutout for mounting a heatsink on a Pi 2 or Pi 3. Opening is 18x18mm with a 2mm diameter rounded corner.

Adding extra layers will increase the height of your Pibow, you may also need longer bolts to hold your Pibow together. These modification layers are all 3mm thick.

More layers are coming - just watch this space!

Please note - these layers are only suitable for the Raspberry Pi 3 / 2 / Model B+ Pibow. They will not work with the model B, A or A+

* LEGO®is a trademark of the LEGO Group of companies which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse this site

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