The new Raspberry Pi 4. Up to 4GB RAM, 4K video with dual display support, and lots more! Click here to learn more.
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Great gift ideas and a FREE Xmas Critters Craft Kit when you spend over £25!*

We've selected a bunch of awesome gifts for the Maker in your life!


Arduboy, the game system the size of a credit card. The easiest way to play, make and share 8-bit games! Powered by Arduino! Read more...

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The de-facto audiophile DAC/AMP for the Raspberry Pi. This latest revision of the Pi-DigiAMP+ has pre-programmed EEPROM and exposes the full Raspberry Pi GPIO header. It also supports voltage input up to 24v and delivers the full 2.5amp to the Pi. Read more...

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Festive Freebie!

Spend over £25* during the holiday season and we'll send you one of our Xmas Critters Craft Kits free of charge!

The kits feature three designs featuring our friends from the briny deep. Select which design you like the best and put together the circuit with copper tape (no soldering required!) to create a fun, festive decoration that will run for the whole of the holidays on a single coin cell battery.

Each kit contains:

  • Three festive critter cards
  • 0.5m of copper tape
  • Two warm white 5mm LEDs
  • Blinky LED controller PCB
  • Cheery bulldog clip
  • CR2032 battery **
  • Two assembly instruction cards

* £25 excludes shipping. While stocks last. Ends Friday 4th January 2019.

** for shipments to destinations outside of the UK the battery is not included due to shipping regulations.