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Flotilla - Touch

The Touch module has four capacitive touch buttons and four bright white LEDs. It's ideal for reaction time games, a tiny piano, or a code entry keypad. Read more...

  • PIM028
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The TinyFPGA A1 board is a bare-bones FPGA board in a tiny form-factor. Add custom digital logic to your next project! Read more...

  • TFPGA-002
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SparkFun USB-C Breakout

With this USB breakout you will finally be able to incorporate a USB-C connector into your projects without needing to solder each tiny SMD pad. The SparkFun USB-C Breakout supplies up to three times the power as previous USB iterations and also solves the universally frustrating dilemma of plugging a USB cable in correctly because it’s reversible! Read more...

  • BOB-15100
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Adafruit ItsyBitsy 32u4 - 3V 8MHz

What's smaller than a Feather but larger than a Trinket? It's an Itsy Bitsy! Small, powerful, Arduino-compatible - this microcontroller board is perfect when you want something very compact, but still with a bunch of pins. Read more...

  • ADA3675
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