DIY Synth Kit - Pimoroni
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DIY Synth Kit

TWSU 0109
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Create your own electronic music by building your very own synthesiser.


Plug the components into the prototyping breadboard to make your own electronic musical instrument with no soldering required.

– Good for ages 12+
– Good for intermediate and more advanced makers
– The synth is reusable as it uses a bread board instead of soldering


Three potentiometers control the volume, pitch and frequency on this famously simple circuit. Make some crazy sounds and get down!


Gain an understanding of how the various parts combine to create a whole plethora of weird and wonderful noises.


With no soldering required, you can use your imagination to make changes to the circuit and add new parts to your heart’s desire. Add a light dependent resistor to control the volume, add a custom keyboard or even hook it up with an Arduino. Then design your own case to house it.

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