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Flotilla - Light   PIM033

The Light module detects ambient light level. It's ideal for use in a weather station, keeping track of light levels in your greenhouse, or reminding you when you've left the lights on in your house.


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Flotilla - Joystick   PIM034

The Joystick module is an analog joystick with a click button. It's ideal for using as a game controller, or to control a robot.


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Flotilla - Dial   PIM035

The Dial module is... a dial! It has a rotary potentiometer and five bright white LEDs that illuminate as the dial is turned.


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Flotilla - Motor   PIM036

The Motor module is a 298:1 ratio motor that has full speed control, and is bi-directional. It's perfect for driving robots, as a tiny fan, or in LEGO® projects. We have a LEGO® compatible axle adaptor available too!


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Flotilla - Slider   PIM037

The Slider module is a slide potentiometer which has five bright white LEDs that illuminate as the slider is moved. It's perfect for using as a synth controller or for controlling the speed of your robot.


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USB A to microB cable - Black

High quality, power friendly and discrete USB A to Micro-B cables

  • 10cm  CAB0225


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  • 50cm  CAB0226


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  • 1m  CAB0227


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  • 2m  CAB0228


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USB A to microB cable - Red

High quality, power friendly and colourful USB A to Micro-B cables

  • 10cm  CAB0229


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  • 50cm  CAB0230


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  • 1m  CAB0231


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  • 2m  CAB0232


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Flotilla - Mini Starter Kit   PIM022

The perfect little introduction to the world of Flotilla! Start your Flotilla journey here and then build your collection of modules later.


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Flotilla - Medium Starter Kit   PIM023

Everything you'll need to build three different Cookbook recipes, including a super-cool weather station, or endless inventions with Rockpool.


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Pimoroni Super Sticker Selection   PIM282

Stickers! Use them on your Pibow, your laptop, your notebook or your bedroom door!


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