Flotilla / Sensor

Smart and friendly plug and play modules that can sense and react the world around you. Get started, building projects or free play with your modules in Rockpool 

Flotilla - Colour  /PIM030

The Colour module detects RGB colour, as well as ambient light level. It also has two bright white LEDs to illuminate objects whose colour is being detected.

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Flotilla - Weather  /PIM031

The Weather module reads temperature and pressure. It's ideal for setting up a mini weather station to monitor conditions in your house or garage.

£7 £5.83 ex. VAT
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Flotilla - Light  /PIM033

The Light module detects ambient light level. It's ideal for use in a weather station, keeping track of light levels in your greenhouse, or reminding you when you've left the lights on in your house.

£5 £4.17 ex. VAT
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