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Flotilla - Matrix   PIM032

The Matrix module is an 8x8 white LED matrix. It's perfect for scrolling text on, displaying simple animations like smiley faces, or using as a tiny marble maze.


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Flotilla - Number   PIM029

The Number module is a seven-segment display, with four digits, four decimal points, and a colon between the two pairs of digits. It's ideal for using as a readout of sensor values, as a clock, or a countdown timer.


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Raspberry Pi 7" Touchscreen Display with Stand

The Raspberry Pi's very own touchscreen, mounted in your choice of colourful frame!

  • Tangerine  PIM125


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  • Coupé  PIM126


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  • Royale  PIM127


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  • Noir  PIM128


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  • Flotilla  PIM129


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  • Jade  PIM130


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Display-O-Tron HAT   PIM113

Great for including a colourful character display and button inputs on your Raspberry Pi based projects!


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