Competition: Natural by Aviv Mussali

We've wanted to make a wooden Pibow since before there even was a Pibow. Something about wood is just so emotional and treasured. We've never had time since the laser cutters are rock solid busy with the other five in the Pibow family. Aviv's entry gave us a chance to have a little play though.

We've gone against the original vision somewhat here for a couple of reasons. One was available materials. We have some nice samples of hardwood that have been hanging around forever. We also think that it's important to see the Pi you're working with, so you're always aware of the what's inside your computer.

Here is the result:

A beautiful medley of silicon, acrylic and hard and soft woods. Call it steampunk if you will, but it lacks the cogs frankly. The woods are: walnut, spruce and obechi, which is rather fragile, so take care with your new treasure Aviv! The grain has come out really well from the laser cutting so, in the words of Liz "Most beauteous Pibow yet. Bet it smells nice."