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Pimoroni Loves Raspberry Pi® Competition Results!

Thank you so much for all your wonderful (and sometimes zany/borderline scary) entries. We received over 170 of them in the end and it's taken a while to whittle them all down to a winner through internet breakages and celebrating the 1st anniversary of the Raspberry Pi with the lovely lovely people of the Raspberry Pi Foundation.

Because there were so many good entries we've decided to throw in some more prizes and split things out into categories. There will still only be one grand winner who takes home the MASSIVE SWAG bundle. But we'll be doing something for the runners up and special mentions :)

Lets start at the top and get it out of the way. Our once in a lifetime, cream of the crop, passed with flying honours, [insert superlative adjective here] grand winner:

Paul Clark with 'Vertical'

We loved the simplicity and utility of this idea. It sits so well with what we wanted Pibow to be about from the start with interchangable pieces for different functions. It's a great little mod that could be applied to any Pibow out there to make it more practical for desktop use or even next to the TV. Once we've created the design we'll open source it so that anyone else can make it too if Paul is happy with that.

Congratulations to Paul, he'll be receiving the massive swag bundle and having his vision made into a reality first :)

And the rest...

We've broken down the rest of the results into categories where each category has a runner up and a special mention.

Runners-up will also have their cases made for real and will receive a small selection of swag to go with their idea. Well done folks.

Special mentions will get a little bit of swag as reward for their efforts.

Thinking outside the box

Runner up - Willian Stewart with 'BLT': We loved the idea of a sandwich inspired Pibow and think it could look really great. We're actually really excited about making this one. It's the natural successor to the Burgerphone!

Special mention - James Mitchell & David Ferris with 'The Button': Two people suggested this concept of a large red mushroom button on the lid of the Pibow which could be hooked up to GPIO for whatever function you wanted. We thought it was pretty great too :)

Colour / material

Runner up - Aviv Mussali with 'Pibow Natural': We really liked the idea of a mixed acrylic / wood case. It could look really clean and modern with that nice Art Deco touch.

Special mention - Grant Bentley with 'Pi of the Tiger': Orange and black strips - we love 'em! Just kidding, but we can't resist a good pun. Where can you find tigers...?

Lid decoration

Runner up - Cheryl Bonifacio with 'Aztec': We really liked the ideal of using Aztec patterns on the lid, and also graduating the tone down the case. We'll have to see if there are enough shades of gray acrylic to handle it!

Special mention - Edward Harvey with 'Achievements': Edward had the great idea of etching all of the Raspberry Pis achievements on the lid. We thought that made for quite a nice one-year celebration idea. :)


Runner up - Sophie Mitchell with 'Butterfly': A butterfly shaped VESA mount? Where do I sign up?! We really loved this idea from Sophie (aged 4, nearly 5!).

Special mention - Alan O'Toole with 'Hookup': A really clever little idea to make your Pibow mountable from any trailing cable or hook. A nice simple solution to a common problem - we like it! There were a few submissions doing similar things, but this was the one we thought was most totable and useful.


Runner up - José Córdova with 'Cassette': A full cassette tape makeover for Pibow. Remember the days of tangled spools, noisy data transfer, and worn out tapes? Yes? Sadly we do too! People under the age of 13 will have no idea what this is, alas.

Special mention - Daniele Angelucci with 'Cards': A Pibow in the style of a deck of cards - we think this could look pretty fetching, and we love it for special Pimoroni reasons.


Runner up - Dennis Elisson with 'Photo frame': Replace the top layer of Pibow with two half thickness layers that you can sandwich a photo or other keep-sake between? Wicked!

Special mention - Clotty Law with 'Desk tidy': We liked this for it's utility and the fact that it's kinda huge, brash, and unapologetic about it! Walk through the 'hood toting one of these so people know you're serious business.

If you are a lucky winner please drop us an e-mail ( with your details so we can arrange to ship out your prize! It will take us a little while to do the CAD work to produce all of the custom cases so don't expect to receive anything right away!

We'll post the results as we make them.

Thanks to everyone who took part - it was a real blast. We were overwhelmed by how many of you got involved and sent in your ideas and Pibow dreams :)

- J & P