Competition: Pimoroni Loves Raspberry Pi®

One year on and being around for the epic quest of launching the Pi, making a case for it and seeing the 'little board that can' sell over 1 meeelion has been a blast. 

To mark the occasion, we're going to run a little giveaway, Pimoroni style. A lot of you have asked for custom Pibows. Alas, we're not set up for it, but you can always grab the design and get your own cut. For everyone else, there's this competition.

The aim is simple, show us your tasteful/useful/insane vision for your own custom Pibow.

What do I win?

The prize is a Pibow made to your winning design plus all of the following goodies:
This is a totally spiffy and positively super collection of useful stuff to pimp, mod, and extend your Raspberry Pi with. Even better you can tote it around with you as your own awesome mobile hacker space! This is all stuff we use ourselves at Pimoroni Towers so we know you'll love it. :)

You've only got a couple of days to do your best to show us your vision, but we reckon most of you have something in mind already ;-)

Ok, I'm game! What now?

Here's a useful PDF to get you going. Hack away.

Your idea doesn't have to be practical, but something we can feasibly make that matches the basic form of a Pibow and does something inventive, clever or creative and won't step on any copyrighted toes gives you the best chance of winning.

Send your entries to jon-and-paul@pimoroni.com by midday-ish GMT on Friday 1st March to be considered. Winner announced later in that day.


Can I enter if I'm not in the UK?

Yes. Unless it's illegal in your country or your national postal service has got on our wick recently.

Will you make an exact expression of my design?

Within reason and practically. If we can't, we'll discuss exactly how we'll ruin and compromise your beautiful vision.

How many times can I enter?

As many as you like. Make the entries *good* though.

Does my entry have to use your PDF?

No. It can be in any format, even Haiku. But make sure we can parse it in, say, 30 seconds or less using a common format like pdf, jpg, png, gif or txt.

But what about X? Can I do X?

We can't answer every question like this in so short a time. Best answer: try it and take your chances. If you *really* have a good question, bug @pimoroni on Twitter.