How we give back to the community

We're grateful for the geek community we have in Sheffield. There are a lot of amazing people here doing amazing things. We're also big fans of the worldwide Maker movement. Knowing how to repair, reuse and remake the things around you is a great thing for people, and for the world.

With the Pibow, we're giving a little bit back to the people that have helped make this project happen so far, so that they can do more to support the geek community now and into the future.

A portion of the sale price of every case shipped goes to the following organisations:

Access Space

It's fair to say that Access Space was the difference between the Pibow happening or not happening. They provided the laser cutter that the prototypes were developed on, and had the people who shared their knowledge with us to help us make a better product. Their space was vital to encouraging experimentation and discovery.

Access Space is the UK's longest running and most sustainable free, open digital arts lab. At Access Space, people interested in art, design, computers, recycling, music, electronics, photography and more meet like minded people, share and develop skills and work on creative, enterprising and technical projects.

They operate at a very low cost with a minimal carbon footprint, because they recycle donated computers and use free, open source software. They run focused drop-in activities and support sessions as well as one off workshops (see their events page for more). They also have opportunities for volunteering, hosting your own events or group meetings, registering a web domain, visiting and taking part in exhibitions and arts events and taking part in projects that can lead to qualifications.

The GIST Foundation*

The GIST Foundation (@gistwire) is a not-for-profit organisation that champions geek communities and promotes technology-driven grassroots and social innovation. It develops and delivers interactive projects and events that support peer learning, knowledge sharing and rich engagement with digital technologies for a range of special interest groups, including Raspberry Pi-oneers and Startup Club Sheffield, both of which have strong ties with the Pi team.

Other regular initiatives include Geek Cadets (practical programming and code literacy for children, parents and educators), Sheffield Makers (carrying out experiments with hackable hardware and 3D printing), and Open Data Sheffield, as well as a host of technical user groups and Open Lab, a monthly 'day of making and doing.'

Projects and groups are hosted at the GIST Lab, Sheffield's original creative community collaboration space, operated by the GIST Foundation in partnership with the Showroom Workstation in the heart of the city's Cultural Industries Quarter and just moments away from the train station. The space is also open for casual co-working every Monday and welcomes travelling workers from across the world.

* We were very sad to hear of the announced closure in Dec 2012 of the GIST Foundation. We will continue to support the Foundation during it's wind-down.

The Raspberry Pi Foundation

There would be no need for the Pibow without the stellar efforts of the Raspberry Pi foundation. We love what they do and have high hopes to the future. As well as volunteering for the foundation, we also give back to them from the sales of the Pibow.