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100,000 Pibows - lawks!

We're super-excited to announce that we've now manufactured 100,000 Pibows here in our modest workshop in Sheffield.

We're amazed, blown away, and slightly embarrassed by how popular Pibow has been since we launched it back in July 2012. We've shipped direct to over 100 countries worldwide and have distributors across the globe.

To celebrate we're giving away 512 Pibows with classroom starter kits (with our friends from Cyntech) to schools and good causes - you can read more about that here on the Raspberry Pi website: http://www.raspberrypi.org/free-goodies-for-good-causes-from-pimoroni/

The past twenty months have been an absolute whirlwind for Paul, Jon, and our growing team of stellar individuals Here's a run-down by the numbers of how that time has passed...


Pibows manufactured, with love, by the Pimoroni Pirate Crew in our workshop (Sheffield, UK)


PCBs assembled on the pick and place machine since it was installed in May last year


Orders placed through our online shop and shipped directly from our warehouse


Square feet of space in our original workshop - we crammed three laser-cutters in there


Products added to our online store since it launched in February 2013


Days of continuous laser cutting time (or roughly 10 minutes per Pibow)


Miles travelled by the laser heads. That's the distance from our workshop to Oslo, Norway!


Support e-mails asking why the lid and base weren't transparent like in the photos


Months since it all started. Pibow was launched on July 17th 2012


Kilometers from start to finish cover if you laid every Pibow bolt we've ever used end to end


Full-time staff in development, production, packaging, shipping, and customer support


Laser-cutters named Bert, Ernie, Cookie Monster, Waldorf, and Statler who never get a break


Raspberry Pi was where it all started. The one Paul won for designing the Pi logo