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Assembling the Camera Mount

The Camera Mount is a small no-frills mount ideal for desktop of light tripod use. It also avoids you having Sugru or Blu-tak on your precious camera board.

The kit comes with:

  • 5x M2 nuts
  • 5x M2 bolts
  • 2x mount plates



1. Attach board to large plate

Take the large plate, and place the camera module lens into the square hole, such that the screw holes on the camera module line up with the screw holes on the plate.

2. Screw it

Use the 4 nuts and bolts to attach the camera module to the plate. Do not over tighten. The module board must be straight, not bowed, under the pressure of the screws.

3. Second plate

Clips the second plate into one of the 4 sets of slots along the sides of the main plate. The set you choose determines the angle the camera rests at.

The ribbon cable should be at the top of the assembly.

4. We'll fix it in software

The camera's natural orientation seems to be with the cable at the bottom, which is awkward with such a springy cable. You can use raspistill -vf -o filename.jpg to correct the orientation.

5. Tripods

To attach the camera mount to a tripod, clip the second plate to the lowest set of slots. Now place the hole in the second plate onto the tripod thread and gently screw until attached. The slight angle of the camera mount keeps the screw secure.