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How can I get in touch?

Need to talk to us? No problem! Just drop us an e-mail to

Do I need to assemble the Pibow?

The Pibow is self-assembly and we include full instructions on how to do this in the packaging. We will also create a video of the process, so you can see how it's done.

Where can I find photos of the Pibow?

You can find photos of the Pibow on our Flickr page

My Micro-USB cable doesn't fit!

The Pibow supports a wide range of svelte, stylish micro USB cables, we recommend one of these. We may be able to slightly widen the aperture to include more cable. We don't intend to support cables with large sleeves though, they just look naff :(

My pIO/Adafruit Low-profile microSD card adapter doesn't fit!

There's not enough space in the Pibow case for these adaptors, as they're significantly thicker than a standard SD card. There are a couple of tricks you can use though: Either keep the nuts loose so the layers aren't tightly compressed, or add a set of washers or spacers after layer zero to create a little more space for your adaptor.